Presentation: Punching Jane

dogPresume a dramatic representation of the cultism film ‘Battle Club’ however rather than a baffled twentieth Century apparatchik with a split identity issue played by Ed Norton, it’s set in Victorian England with a, for the most part, female cast and the pugilists additionally, happen to be whores. This is the interesting reason on which Ed Young and Jess Farley’s ‘Punching Jane’ is based on attention.


Founded in the undesirable backstreets of eighteenth Centenary London, Punching Jane, in the Courtyard Playhouse, Pitfield Street takes after the destiny of a gathering of whores which, since the event directed in average workers Britain, achieve their tension-ridden additions also differences by the following time exposed knuckle bout.


‘Punching Jane’ narrates the saga of Jane a young lady in the city who enters a prostitution house where fighting between the whores is utilized to ‘irritate up the Johns’ with intention of getting more custom.




This is a profoundly physical stage generation which happens late during the evening, in a boxing arena on the territory of the Stables whorehouse. Jane, fresh to the house of ill-repute yet a lifer in the most seasoned calling on the society, changes the principles getting under way a progression of occasions that prompts crime, awfulness, and disloyalty.