Top London Theatre Shows:

kinkyKinky Boots:

A Northampton plant proprietor attempting to keep his business above water is not like the musical storyline. Be that as it may, Kinky Boots, taking into account a genuine story, really transforms into an exceptional story.

At the point when dynamic entertainer Lola requires any sturdier stilettos to perform in, she swings to Price and Son to create them and “drags” the antiquated production line high-kicking and singing from the happenings to the catwalks of Milan.


maidsThe Maids:

In the sacredness of their fancy woman’s extravagant room, two housekeepers fantasize about murdering their boss in progressively savage, and vicious, ways.
This English adaption of Jean Genet’s perfect work of art by the Jamie Lloyd Company is the first run through the show has been found in the West End in more than two decades.



nellNell Gwynn:

The play depends on Nell Gwynn, who switched from low maintenance whore and orange vendor to wind up one of the world’s first female performing artists – and the most loved concubine of the pretentious King Charles II.
A Restoration courageous woman, the brassy and witty Nell teases her way into a phase organization, when female parts were constantly played by men, before getting the attention of the theater-going King.


chilThe Railway Children:

Set in the environmental Kings Cross Theater behind the station, this is a dedicated conversion of E. Nesbit’s exemplary youngsters’ novel. It takes after the account of kids Bobbie, Peter and Phyllis as they relocate from London to Yorkshire at the turn of the twentieth Century. You might require packing a few tissues, it is extremely moving.





gua1The Bodyguard:

The play is about an association between singing passioned Rachel Marron and her bodyguard, Frank Farmer, who’s appointed to guard her against a stalker.